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12/30/2007 - Buffy Stops Singing. . .

Ok this may old news for some but I haven't had time to update my site since this happened. On Oct. 11, 2007 Fox told the Buffy Singalong group to cease and desist. The details of this are on their website here. You can also sign a petition to voice your opinion and wishes to Fox for the show to go on. This is really sad but apparently a complex legal problem. Hopefully they'll get it worked out soon.

You can read another article about it here. The lawyers or lawgeeks as they call themselves are discussing it here and apparently Fox shutdown another local production in SF.

5/1/2007 - Buffy Sings!!! and site back and updated!

Last week my wife and I were surprised and excited to find this article (Buffy Lust!) in the Boston Phoenix talking about the latest Singalong that occured at the Coolidge but also that Clinton McClung had started HIS OWN BUFFY SINGALONG TOURING COMPANY FOR MIDNIGHT MOVIES AROUND THE COUNTRY!!!! This is exciting news and something we had envisioned just had to happen (similer to Rocky Horror) after we attended that first singalong back in 2004. So check out the new website to see when and where they will be touring!

Site Updates
Following the discovery and news just mentioned, I felt motivated to update the site. I had ran into problems technically with guestbook spam and email spam and webhost issues after I started the site and then we moved to Utah so the site was neglected for a long time. Yea I moved to the Salt Lake City area from Boston so how crazy is that?! But I/we LOVE IT here! Yea there's no Coolidge or Brattle or singalong but the SLC area does have three independant film theaters which show everything! Anyway this is an interim version to clean it up and update things and then later in the year I will unveil v2.0. By the way yes that is my lovely wife dressed up in the Vampire Willow costume created for her by an artist friend. The costume originally debuted at the costume contest at Arisia in 2004. It has since come in handy on a number of other party occassions!

Right now the domain name for this site is buffysingalong.com but I have decided to give it to Clinton to aid his cause so soon this site will be found at buffysingalong.net .

I can be reached for comments/questions/suggestions/guestbook entries at yahoo.com using the email id "zmaxdavid".

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Fanlistings (SUCK!!!)

Buffy Fanlisting
When the fanlistings gets its act together and wants to send me a new link to the ever changing sites, I'll relink it!


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